Testy a kvízy

Aký je tvoj ideálny anime frajer???

23. srpna 2008 v 2:34 | Sora_Naegino22
Môj výsledok:
Ja mám Kuramuuu...kawaiiiiiiiiiiii :O)
Kurama from YuyuHakusho

The sweetie! What girl CAN'T resist a guy who is as sweet and caring as Kurama?! That fluffly red hair and big loving eyes are enough to make any girl go crazy! Hold on to your little fox deamon though- he attract the ladies! But don't worry- he would NEVER hurt you on purose.

Ktorá anime postava ťa má najradšej?

23. srpna 2008 v 2:28 | Sora_Naegino22
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Sasukeeeeeeeeeeee..juuuuuuuj fajneeeeeeeeeee XD
Sasuke Uchiha

^^ me like -- from naruto

1 hodina v nebi s anime chalanom!

23. srpna 2008 v 2:18 | Sora_Naegino22
Tak s ktorým anime chalanom stráviš v uzavretej miestnosti nasledujúcu hodinu???
Mne vyšlo toto:
you pull out the number 4 and call it out and you hear a voice behind you''Well arent you the lucky girl tonight.'' you turn around to see mustang he leads you to the closet then uses alchemy to seal it shut as he strips you down and wastes no time. your in the closet for a full 5 hours.

Ktorý chalan z Death Note je pre teba???

23. srpna 2008 v 2:15 | Sora_Naegino22
Môj výsledok:
You want a guy that is very smart. Your guy likes to play around a lot, and is very blunt. He loves sweets (especially cakes), and insists that if he does not sit the way he does, his reasoning will drop by 40%. He trust no one except his very close friends.

Naruto girls- 7 minút v nebi!

23. srpna 2008 v 2:02 | Sora_Naegino22
Tak na ktorú budeš mať šťastie ty???? -=====TEST=====-
Kebyže som chalan, tak my výjde toto:
You choose black and right away you feel a gust of wind blow the card right out of your hand you look to see temari standing up with her large fan slammed onto the hardwood floor. *Temari* Alright Cutie lets do this. *you* OMG YES!! (you run into the closet as fast as you can pulling temari with you) *Garra*-- well someones horny. *me*-- So i see. (you drag her into the closet and slam the door shut you then ask Temari) *you*-- So can i?? please??? *Temari*-- I've been so lonely lately (she grabs your shirt and yanks you toward her you both lock lips and start Pulling eachothers shirts off you pull of her bra and message her chest with your tongue *Temari*-- Oooh yea oooooh yea. *me*-- Omg they must be having alot of fun in there. *Kankuro*-- Well Temari has been very horny lately. *Gaara*-- Tell me about it. (you and temari both get naked and continue when you hear Kankuro shout out) *Kankuro*--Alright Temari bring yourhorny self out here your time is up. (you both dont listen) *Me*-- common you two times up. (naruto walks over to the door and opens it) *All of us*-- OMFG!! 0.o 0.0 >.< (we all stare as you two continue kissing naked on the floor, 30 minutes later you 2 come ouof the closet and go on a very sexy date.

Čo si o tebe Naruto postavy myslia???

23. srpna 2008 v 1:57 | Sora_Naegino22
No tak čo si o tebe myslia???? -=====TEST=====-
Mne vyšlo:
b/f Naruto bff Ino Naruto:she is HOT AND VERY ENERGETIC!!!!
Sasuke: Great now i have 2 deal with 2 Narutos but 1 is a GIRL!!!!!
sakura: she is ok and her and naruto look so cute 2gether
Ino SHE IS LIKE MY BEST FRIEND we even could pass as twins... well sisters
Guy: so fun 2 b around her and lee would look so cute 2gether
Lee: NO GUY SENSE she is fast but not faster then me
Kiba: nice but she never knos wats going on
Chogi: she called me fat T-T
Ten- Ten: she is nice i guess but sometimes way 2 cocky
Neji: never herd of her
Life: has been pritty good and you are a lil spoiled
Secret: your dad ust 2 be the leader of a hiiden village and you ran away

Ktorý chalan z Bleach je otec tvojho dieťaťa???

23. srpna 2008 v 1:48 | Sora_Naegino22
Ktorý chalan z Bleach je otec tvojho dieťaťa???
Môj výsledok:
ichigo...juhuuuu máááám Ichigaaaaaaaa
u got...ichigo, so heres wat happened: u guys spent a weekend together and ...well...thing got nasty (in a good way XD ). it had been two months seens u talked 2 ichigo and u already knew u were pregnant but ha was getting suspicious so 1 day he asked u out. u guys were already heading back 2 ur house cause u were feeling sick. at some point he asked u: ''______...how come u haven't talked 2 me in such a long time...i mean i thought we had somthing going on here...i thought u loved me,wats going on'' at that point u started 2 cry and he hold u tight: ''u can tell me anything______ u nou that so plis ,if anything is wrong...tell me'' so then u started 2 explain wat happened and when u finished he had a huge smile on his face and some tears of joy from da news u just gave him and he said: ''u have no idea how happy u've maid me ______'' as he kisses u. a month later u 2 got married and 6 months later u guys had a baby gurl XD.

Aký anime upír si?

23. srpna 2008 v 1:41 | Sora_Naegino22
Akým anime upírom si?
Môj výsledok:
You are a loner

You only worry about yourself. You don't care much for humans or your own people. you kill anyone or anything that gets in your way.

Who is your Naruto boyfriend?

23. srpna 2008 v 1:34 | Sora_Naegino22
Tak ktorý chalan z Naruta sa stane tvojím frajerom?..Hm si zvedavá?..
Tak urob test -====TU====-!!!
Mne vyšiel Naruto...no tak dá sa....XD
Naruto is super-hyper active and never goes back on his word. Plus he's super hot when he gets all bad ass demon fox! Believe it!

60 minút v nebi z chalanom z Bleach

23. srpna 2008 v 1:13 | Sora_Naegino22
Tak ktorý z nich to bude? Skúste to -=====TU=====-!!!
Mne vyšiel BYAKUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so u stick ur hand inside da damn hat and u got a cherry blossom petal.u were a little confused 'who would put a cerry blossom petal in da hat' u thought.when u look up byakuya is gazing at u with lustful eyes.u couldn't help but smirk at da way that he was lookin at u,but at da same time u felt kinda akward.u were thinkin of his past,he had gotten married and lost his wife,'well...' u thought 'i hope he doesn't hold it against me'.so u got into da closet were he was waiting 4 u,u closed da door.he walks up 2 u and starts kissing ur neck,u gasp in surprise but u looked worried.he sensed ur emotion and said ''she would've wanted me 2 move on''.some other things happened in that closet that r indescrabable XD

Bleach- An hour in heaven

23. srpna 2008 v 1:08 | Sora_Naegino22
Tento test je iba pre baby (myslim XD). Ide tam o to, že ste na nejakej party u Orihime, kde je vela chalanov. A vy si máte vybrať z čísel od 1 po 7 a každé z nich označuje jedného chalana, s ktorým budete jednu hodinu zavreta v izbe.....
Tak to chce toto skusiť, nech ide -=====TU=====-!!!
Mne vyšiel zas Uryuu Ishida....
So you pulled number 3 out of the bag. You ask who it is. Ishida from your class glances at you and stands to walk into the closet. He doesn't seem too happy you picked him. He kinda looks mad. But then again you've never seen him smile before. You walk in after him and quietly shut the door. Ishida has his back turned to you. You don't like being treated like that so you walk over and put your hand on his shoulder to turn him around. He almost jumps out of his skin in shock. You jump back alittle. He gets over his shock really quickly and glares at you again. You're getting really angry now so you yell ''Why do you hate me so much?'' almost near tears in frustration. He didn't answer. A tear fell off of your cheek and he watched it hit the ground. He turned to you and said ''I'm sorry. I really don't hate you. it's just better if I don't get to know people''. You couldn't help but feel bad. He had so much pain clouding his eyes. You wiped the tears off of your face and moved toward him. You embraced him in a soft kiss and hugged him. You sat there comforting him as he told you his sob story. But it's okay. Since he got that off of his chest and you're the supportive kind. He gave you kiss and promised he would be there for you like you were for him. That made you smile. You left the closet and you eventually ended up falling in love. Yay for you. <3

Ktorá Bleach postava si???

23. srpna 2008 v 0:59 | Sora_Naegino22
Ktorá postava z anime Bleach ťa najviac vystihuje? Ktorou si?
Urobte si test hned teraz -=====TU=====-!!!!!
Môj výsledok:
Ja som Uryuu. No nic...mohlo byť aj horšie.....XD
One of a kind best fits you. You are extremely crafty. A quick thinker and problem solver, you are always on your toes. Knowledge is your greatest weapon. Strength is not foreign to you, put you in a position to avenge a loved one, and you turn into a unstoppable force. A weakness of yours is the ability to hold hatred for things done wrong to you, friends, or family. You turn this hate into a weapon, fueling the fire that burns inside you. It gives you strength, but also holds you back from the future. You however have the uncanny ability to recognise the fundamental difference between good/evil. Normal people see a-lot of 'gray'; you see only black and white as it should be.

Aké japonské Kanji si?

14. června 2008 v 12:21 | Sora_Naegino22

You are "Kokoro"

You are Kokoro - meaning heart. You care for many people, and have a heart of gold, as you would do anything for those you love. You try to help your friends' problems whenever you can by giving them good, accurate advice. You're an excellent friend to have, even though you don't think you have a lot of friends. People admire you.

Tento test som našla na blogu mojej kamošky....tu je odkaz kde to presne je:
Je to super test.....arigato Miyuki Naraka!

Aký druh anjela si?

17. května 2008 v 1:24 | Sora_Naegino22
Do tretice všetko dobré. XD -=====KVÍZ=====-
Môj výsledok:
Calm Angel

You are a Calm Angel. You enjoy relaxing and peace and quiet. You enjoy the smoothing things in life and have close friends. You are usually the shoulder to cry on for them and you care about them alot. You usually very quiet but you aren't really shy.

Ako by si vyzerala v Narutovi?

17. května 2008 v 1:16 | Sora_Naegino22
Kvíz len pre dievčatá. XD -=====KVÍZ=====-
Ja by som vyzerala takto:
The Quiet- Aurora

Don't talk much, but you are very likable. Especially to Sasuke! He loves you because you are quiet, beautiful, and not a fan girl! Boyfriend- Sasuke Best Friend- Hinata Worst Enemy- Sakura and Ino What they think of you: Naruto- She is no fun! Always silent, databeyo. Ino- I WILL KILL HER! Hinata- Sh-she is very quiet, w-we have th-that in common. Sakura- SHE HAS SASUKE! BUT HOW?! Sasuke- She expresses her feelings like I do, quiet. I love her so much, but I'll have to gaurd her from raging fan girls... especially Ino and Sakura... Kiba: Eh, fooh. Tenten- She is quite tough and keeps Sasuke in high spirits. Neji- She is cute. Rock Lee- SHE WONT TALK TO ME!!! Gaara- Sh-she beat me... Shikamaru- She knows how to lay back. Temari- I dont know... What you think of them- *silence* (Me- Okay?)

Aké školské anime dievča by si bola?

17. května 2008 v 1:05 | Sora_Naegino22
Môj výsledok:
Free Spirited School Girl
You are the Free Spirited School Girl. You have a mind of your own, you hate to be stuck inside for a long time. You are very easy going, but impatient at times. You like to do things your own way. Guys like you because of that, you are a great person to hang out with outside of school.

Aký anjel si?

17. května 2008 v 0:53 | Sora_Naegino22
Tak ďalší test na tému, aký si anjel.
Môj výsledok:
Dream Angel

You are a dream angel. You let people become so relaxed that they have peacful dreams. You also hold the key to the dream relm and allow happy things to happen. You don't belong on earth, but you wander peoples dreams, spreading them with joy. :)

Ako by si vyzeral/ a, ak by si bol/ a v anime?

17. května 2008 v 0:44 | Sora_Naegino22
Mne vyšlo:
You are a person that is very hopeful, you Hadley ever are negative and try to make the best out of everything witch is what people love about you.

Anjel čoho si???

17. května 2008 v 0:37 | Sora_Naegino22
Aký anjel si? -=====TEST=====-
Môj výsledok:
You're a Guardian Angel
Watching over that one you're assigned to watch over, you are the most gently and open-minded. Unlike the Angel of Light, you aren't vain, you think humans are the most fascinating creatures created by god. You are the most innocent of all angels, beauty of innocence. Your job may sound simple but your at risk of becoming a fallen, for you could fall in love with the one you protect.

Ako zomrieš???

11. května 2008 v 2:08 | Sora_Naegino22
No nalšla som zaujímavý kvíz....chcete zistiť ako zomriete? Tak si urobte -====TEST====-.
Môj výsledok:
killed yourself (samovražda)
you hated yourlife and thought no one would ever love you or care for you and you got fed up with it....so you put yourself out of missory.